TDH Vietnam participated in the exhibition Jetro 2015

In the days 10-12 / 09/2015, the company TDH Vietnam we will participate in events to promote Japanese trade under the name of "Exhibition Industry Support Vietnam - Japan 6th in Hanoi (referred to as SIE) ", which is being developed as the Foreign trade Promotion organization of Japan (JETRO) - Representative Office in Hanoi and trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) jointly organized.

This exhibition is made within the framework of Economic Partnership Agreements Vietnam - Japan (JVEPA) were the two Governments signed on 25/8/2008 and effective from 01/10/2009.

This year, the exhibition SIE VIETRADE chaired by JETRO and will be held at the same place, the same time as the International Exhibition of Technology Parts Manufacturing Industry in Vietnam (abbreviated VME) of the Company Reed Thailand Tradex Exhibition Industry Support products Vietnam (ICS) by the people's Committee of Hanoi City organized.

The combination of 3 SIE and VME exhibition will create a network of supply - demand for industrial promising Vietnam.

TDH Vietnam invites partners, businesses, factories have needs related to the field of industrial products manufacturer visited the exhibition booth of us at the ICE exhibition, Cultural Palace, 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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